Modern Dog Lounge

Posted: January 19, 2012
Modern Dog Lounge

Celebrities, Louis Vuitton, and your gold-digging ex have already proven that a $598 pooch accoutrement is perfectly reasonable, so let's not even bother balking at the price of this stylized, Jetsons-looking doggie lounge. A walnut veneer coats the bent plywood design, which allows dogs privacy without complete isolation when they need to lick themselves. The furry white mat is included, and removable for washing. A piece of art unto itself, the pod lounge will enhance your sitting room decor, instead of soiling it like those cheap plaid and paw-print-speckled fleece dog beds. And, for that matter, the untrained, temperamental Yorkie or Pomeranian that uses it. The pod is intended for smaller breeds; its cylinder is 20 inches long, with an inner diameter of 15 inches.

*Update: This product has been upgraded to the Dog Pod 2.0 by the maker.

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