MK-84 Aqua Bomb Aquarium

Posted: November 04, 2012
MK-84 Aqua Bomb Aquarium
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The MK-84, a general-purpose US military bomb, is known as the "Hammer." Here incorporated by the incomparably creative and mildly devious MotoArt into an 80" tall fish aquarium, appropriately termed the MK-84 Aqua Bomb, I think it is merited--and would even be remiss not--to say: Stop. It's Hammer time. The massive reimagining of a macrocosmic bringer of death and destruction into a microcosmic cradle of life and prosperity will even speak volumes to those who need to turn everything into an intellectually stimulating blah blah philosophical rumination instead of just accepting the aquarium for the chocolate-coated, caramel-filled eye candy it is.

MK-84 Aqua Bomb construction begins with the missile's tail fin assembly, painted hot rod red, and fitted with a 10-gallon Plexiglas fish tank. Topping off the look is a spun aluminum dome cap. The aquarium enjoys complete self-containment with a built-in pump, filter, and lighting. Fish are not included. But you knew that...right?

Want to know a little more about the MK-84? OK.

MK-84s rank as the largest in the US Military's Mark 80 series of bombs. As non-guided missiles, they are often referred to as "dumb bombs"--while aerodynamically streamlined, when dropped from their aircraft, they have no guiding system, but rather land wherever gravity dictates. Huh. Kind of like drunk hot chicks with no common sense. I hereby nominate the term "dumb bomb" for entry into the pop culture vernacular. But back to the weapon. MK-84s weigh up to 2,000 pounds, 945 pounds of which comprises Tritonal high explosive. Depending on its drop altitude, impact can create a crater up to 50' wide and 36' deep, as well as penetrate up to 15 inches of metal, or 11' of concrete. It can cause "lethal fragmentation" at a radius of 400 yards.

The MK 84 was used extensively in the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm, the latter of which used them frequently, and from every single aircraft that could be used on the ground offensive. Targets included artillery, trucks, bunkers, Scuds, surface-to-air missile sites, antiaircraft artillery sites, early warning radars, and supply points.

Interesting, but...I think I prefer it as a fish aquarium.

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