Meownooker Cat Billiards Toy

Posted: March 27, 2023
Meownooker Cat Billiards Toy
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A Meownooker? Sounds like a cat lookin' to deliver his goods to a Meownookie. Who will, of course, tell him to take that cookie and stick it up his (yeah). But, no. Meownooker is actually a billiards- / pool-themed toy for cats, its name portmanteau of "meow" and "snooker." A pretty bad portmanteau in this dude's opinion.

But I guess it's better than Meowilliards. Or Billcat. Catool. Maybe Snookitty? Nope. They all suck. Sometimes it's just better to name a thing what it is: Cat Billiards Toy. A boring name doesn't necessarily make a boring product, and it certainly doesn't in the case of the Meownooker, which looks like a playtime blast for both cat and owner.

The Meownooker table from VETRESKA is made of solid wood, with legs wrapped with jute rope for scratching, and a green felt top surface for cat napping. A pair of included cue sticks serve as wands I can use to taunt my cat, Zanzibar, and he can use as an excuse to claw down my entire forearm in response. Then the 6 snooker balls that also come with the set are filled with catnip for continued, hands-free taunting while I leave to put Neosporin and bandages on my wounds.

Heyyy, Zanzibar! I just ordered you a Meownooker kitty pool table, dude. The good times...and bad times...and more good times are on their way for us!

Muchas danke to Technabob.

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