MDK9 Dog Haus

Posted: September 04, 2016
MDK9 Dog Haus
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Axel here turned his nose up at the first house his owner Rahil Taj bought him, demanding something "less Peanuts and more Frank Lloyd Wright, dude. You know, clean lines, dramatic angles. And can we show some creativity with material selection? Something other than vinyl and barnyard wood?"

Lucky for Axel Taj runs a custom furniture design company in LA, and was able to meet his pooch's architectural requests with the MDK9 Dog Haus. RAH:DESIGN uses a powder coated steel frame and Brazilian Teak wood to form the house's sloped modern roof and two walls, all set atop a concrete slab. On wheels for easy move-in and positioning. Inside, Jax & Bones memory foam pillow bedding covers the floor. A brushed aluminum name plaque from Modern House Numbers completes the MDK9 look.

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