Groomatic Automatic Cat Grooming Brush

Posted: February 14, 2022
$50 - $61
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cactus, makers of the Groomatic, say cats are going to love this automatic grooming brush. But I wonder if cats could possibly love the Groomatic more than I love watching them use it. All that feline rubbing and nestling and preening up against a nubby-spiked rotating cylinder? Lookin' like I do when I get out my heated shiatsu massage pillow? It's a daily dose of happiness for all parties involved, and bearing witness.

The Groomatic "smart cat brush" is so described because cactus built it with internal sensors that detect when a cat approaches, and from which direction so it can decide which way to rotate. The brush stays movin' and groomin' for as long as the cat keeps using, stopping automatically when Kitty walks away.

cactus explains that automatic brushes have for a while been installed in barns to massage and provide coat care for cows. The brushes relax and balance their moods, and in turn improve the quality and quantity of milk produced. cactus applied the same mindset to developing the Groomatic, though obviously its benefits stop at pet enrichment, contentment, and coat care. Please do not buy the Groomatic as part of a scheme to milk your cat.

Caths with both short and long coats can use a Groomatic, the latter without getting yanked or stuck. You can install Groomatic devices in a wall or on a piece of furniture, either with a drill hole and hardware, or with a zip tie to secure it in place.

The Groomatic automatic cat grooming brush is running a crowdfunding campaign through March 3, 2022.

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