GloFish Fluorescent Fish

Posted: July 23, 2017
GloFish Fluorescent Fish
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One fish, two fish, GloFish, blue fish. Fluorescent Cosmic Blue fish. Or Starfire Red. Or Galactic Purple. GloFish are brilliantly bright fish that fluoresce, or glow, under blue light.

Naturally, concerned fish friends and pet lovers. GloFish contain no artificial colors, and they haven't been injected or dyed to take on their fluorescence. They just inherited some gleam genes from their mamas and papas*, and will pass the same ones along to their own kids, to keep your aquarium lit up like an underwater carnival for as long as you take good care of them. Feed them. Keep their tank clean. Tell them they're prettier and gentler and much loyal and provide much, much better companionship than the cat.

GloFish are appropriate pets for both fish hobbyists and beginners, and do well in home, office, and classroom settings. You can buy GloFish starter packages that include fish and aquarium accents (but not the tank itself), as well as individual GloFish to add to your existing school, or to grow your Glo family down the line. All are available directly through the GloFish online store, with some limited packages also selling here on Amazon.

GloFish come in Tetra, Barb, and Danio breeds, and 6 different fluorescent colors.

*My guess is that, while naturally occurring, humans have "encouraged" the GloFish genes through selective breeding.

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