Doze Dog Bed & Side Table

Posted: July 17, 2022
Doze Side Table & Dog Bed

Ashleigh Davies designed the Doze, a combo dog bed and side table (with removable lap desk!) in response to the prompt to create "a multifunctional piece of furniture to help reduce stress for dogs with separation anxiety and also integrate well into home decor." Well, Ms. Davies, I'm no industrial designer or multifunctional piece of furniture critic, but here's my opinion of the Doze: Success!

If my cat Zanzibar had separation anxiety rather than anxiety about spending more than 5 minutes in my presence, especially if I'm trying to touch him, I would get a Doze as a cat bed and side table.

The dog bed portion of the Doze is fitted with a cushion whose cover is customizable to suit your room's decor. The rest of the structure is made of sustainable plywood, with wraparound sides that curve and slope down to create a semi-enclosed space for dogs to burrow, and a flat top piece that covers about a third of the total Doze depth. Use the top piece as a tabletop surface next to your couch or bed, or lift it off the table to use as a lap desk.

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