DOG-G8 - Retractable Front Door Dog Safety Gate

Posted: April 23, 2023
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Special delivery! Coming in...and flying out! On four paws, covered in fur and slobber, right at the UPS guy. It's a doggone shame. Next time, make it a DOG-G8 success.

The DOG-G8 is a 35" high front door safety gate that accordions open and closed across your door swing. The basic version allows you to open the door 21" to greet guests and receive packages, without your excited pups sneaking, squeezing, or barreling outside. If you decide your caller shall pass, and want to grant them entrance, use the DOG-G8's lifting bolt to detach the barrier from its brackets and retract it. Condensed, it is just over 5" wide.

The gate portion of the DOG-G8 mounts to your door frame with screws (included). The brackets that latch the gate to your door come with pre-attached 3M adhesive tabs, so you can install them on PVC / composite surfaces too, without putting holes in the material.

The DOG-G8 is made of mild steel, available in chrome and white powder coated finishes. DOG-G8 also makes versions of their dog safety gates to fit different types of openings, such as stairwells, sliding doors, and deck areas. A multitude of widths are available, all with the same extendable / retractactable design.

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