Copycat Art Scratcher - Famous Art Cat Scratchers

Posted: March 03, 2023
Copycat Art Scratcher - Famous Art Cat Scratchers
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I don't normally like copycats - in art, writing, or murder - but if these Copycat Art Scratchers will: 1) stop my cat Zanzibar from using my leg and face as his scratching post; and 2) satisfy my wife's desire not to ug up our condo with "a bunch of cat lady crap," then send a Copycat Mona Lisa this dude's way.

Copycat Art Scratchers are an Erik Stehmann design, intended to be a real piece of household art in addition to a feline claw sharpener and energy outlet. You can wall mount the handmade sisal fiber "paintings," or use their included stands to set them out on the floor. At printing, luxury pet product store Lord Lou had Copycat Art Scratchers in the likenesses of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring. An obvious, albeit expensive, gift for the pet lover.

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