Bristly Toothbrush for Dogs

Posted: July 22, 2018
Bristly Dog Toothbrush
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The Bristly is a toothbrush for your dog disguised as a chew toy. A super durable rubber chew toy with different textures and an infused meat flavor to make teeth cleaning time something Doggo looks forward to, rather than runs and hides under the bed from like bath time.

Bristly is also a DIY activity for your dog. As in, you don't have to pry his mouth open shove a brush, or your fingers, around inside to clean his teeth. Instead, Bristly does the work on the sly while he's biting and chewing. The toothbrush also has a "toothpaste reservoir" at the top, which you can fill with pet-safe toothpaste, or peanut butter or coconut oil (ugh, messy, but yes, some say coconut oil has real good bacteria-removing capabilities, in humans too) to further lure your dog into an oral hygiene routine.

Bristly recommends a 5-minute, supervised chew time each day.

Bristly dog toothbrush chew toys come in 3 sizes, as well as an extra durable version for heavy chewers. You can pledge for one here on Kickstarter through August 10, 2018.

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