Bird Cage Table

Posted: August 20, 2013
Bird Cage Table

Wow. It's a wonder that Gregoire de Laforrest's Cage Archibird can be so stunningly beautiful, yet also so stunningly the antithesis of sanitation. A bird cage built into a functional table? A table that looks primed and ready for, say, a DIY taco buffet? Ugh. It's almost as bad as cat owners who allow their litter box pee- and poo-footed felines to walk all over their kitchen countertops. G-ross. Might as well just sit some ampules of Chlamydia psittaci bacteria in the cage with a detonator set to go off at the height of Thanksgiving dinner.

My dad used to have a bird. He kept it caged in the far corner of our kitchen and I had to hold my breath every time I walked by it for fear of inhaling some infectious disease emanating from its perpetual deposits of swirly green-and-white shit. Then one day the family Shih Tzu lured the bird down from its protective perch and shook it to death. A highly intelligent dog that Domino was.

de Laforrest constructed his bird cage table as a piece of art and, since he's French, probably a piece of contemptuous social commentary as well. Like about how society always tries to stifle people with wings, keeping them caged and close to the ground. Or how from a waist-down, Cage Archibird bird's-eye view, the world is nothing but a bunch of asses, dicks, and see you next Tuesdays.

Muchas danke to Geekologie.

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