B-BOX Urban Beehive

Posted: March 08, 2022
B-BOX Urban Beehive
$667 - $1,340
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Beekeeping at home? I beeloving it. B-BOX is a beehive designed specifically for hobbyist beekeeping in urban settings. Italian bee enthusiasts and conservationists beeing, created B-BOX as a safe and easy way - for both humans and bees - to house and cultivate the dwindling pollinators, and enjoy the fruits honeys of their labor on a daily basis.

B-BOX is made of solid fir and spruce plywood, with stainless steel components for longevity, and transparent polycarbonate panels for bee viewing. The structure is about the size of a patio grill, albeit taller due to the B-BOX chimney, which allows the bees to enter and exit their hive at "flight height," or roughly 6.5' above the ground, rather than "buzzing right at your forehead height." This increases the safety of the paneled observation area for big and little bee watchers alike.

Another sweet B-BOX feature is its honey harvesting system, which separates the honeycomb from the nest, and allows for extracting honey portion by portion without wearing protection. The beehive design also controls human honey consumption, ensuring there is also enough still left for the bees.

Standard B-BOX urban beehive kits come with 16 collection combs, along with all the parts and instructions for assembling the apiary.

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