Aquapaw Dog Bath Brush

Posted: June 12, 2022
Aquapaw Dog Bath Brush
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Now doesn't the Aquapaw Dog Bath Brush look like a bathtime apparatus that will make your dog...hate baths exactly as much as they did before. But at least your involvement in the process will be easier, faster, and consume less water.

The Aquapaw comes with adapters for hooking it up either to your outdoor or your shower spigot. Its FDA-grade silicone sprayer and scrubber tool attaches to an 8' hose for full access to furry friends large and small alike. High and low pressure settings - easily accessible with the hand gripping the Aquapaw to keep your other free to soothe and control pups trying to make a run for it - allow for tough cleaning of thicker coats and body areas, as well as a softer flow around faces, ears, and sensitive areas.

The Aquapaw Dog Bath Brush is a great gift for the pet lover, and particularly the pet lover who doesn't love their pet so much during bathtime.

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