Zircon Leak Alert WiFi - Water Detector & Alarm

Posted: December 11, 2020
Zircon Leak Alert WiFi - Water Detector & Alarm
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Got leaks? Got no idea? OK, let's back up. Got running water in your house? Then the Zircon Leak Alert WiFi can answer the first question for you - and send you notifications via email, audio, and visual alerts when the answer is, "Crap. Yes."

Zircon's Leak Alert WiFi is a smart water detector you can place at key locations in your house - sinks, toilets, dishwashers, washers, sump pumps, water heaters, your wife prone to drooling when she sleeps - to receive a heads up when it senses unnatural water is present. Zircon makes a few different Leak Alert models, but the WiFi version is a battery operated unit that connects to your WiFi network so you can receive alerts on your phone from anywhere within your home, or when you're gone from it.

The Leak Alert device has 2 sensing contacts that carry a mild electrical current. When both detect water, you'll get a loud 105 dB blast, and a light show of flashing LEDs. Email notifications will follow - every 10 minutes over the first hour, and then once every hour for however long the Leak Alert's (included) 3V lithium battery lasts.

You can purchase and configure multiple Leak Alert WiFi units around your home - indoors only - as well as use them at the office, vacation cottages, or rental properties. For the WiFi version you'll obviously need to place every Leak Alert within range of your router.

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