Zapplight Bulb & Bug Zapper

Posted: July 03, 2016
Zapplight Bulb & Bug Zapper

Let there be...BZZZZ! Dead mosquitos! Haha, suckers. You biting, blood-sucking, skin-disfiguring, Zika-transmitting SOBs. Fly into my pretty, pretty light. Because now the one that illuminates my back porch, my books, and my beers on summer nights that are perfect but for your presence is also my bodyguard.

My bodyguard, and your certain death.

The Zapplight is a standard LED lightbulb ensconced in an electric insect zapper.

Zapplights, though overall a bit girthy, and definitely larger than a standard bulb, screw in like any other. They emit 110V of soft white light that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Or really anywhere you've got a bug problem. The upper portion of the lightbulb contains a caged zapper that will kill fruit flies, wasps, mosquitos, and gnats amongst other winged pests. Silently, according to Zapplight, so you can even put them in a bedroom or nursery.

When the zapping cage gets gunked up with conquests, you can unscrew the bulb and clean them out with an included brush.

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