You Is Fine Bears

Posted: January 29, 2014
You Is Fine Bears
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Do you love her? Eh. Is she cute? Heh. She is way beyond cute, dude. Hot? HOT. Like... Hotter than Olivia Munn all tatted up and devouring a chili dog in a Xena costume? Uh.... Basically every time I see her all I can think for like 5 minutes is, Shit bitch, you is fine.

Whoa. They have a bear for that.

Love Is Lame's line of bears for men who A) have smokin' wives and girlfriends and B) do not mince words, is primed and ready for Valentine's Day, or any day meriting the expression of true feelings. All bears shout the same message--SHIT BITCH YOU IS FINE--in their own style, size, and personality:

  • Hubert, 6" tall, white, a little scruffy. His lecherous smirk suggests he will happily receive hugs from and share a bed with any fine bitch he meets.
  • Franklin, 7" tall, brown, clean-cut and well-groomed. A dapper bear with a ghetto-love message.
  • Bertrand, 15" tall, brown, extra scruffy. He's got a heart of gold, and will probably get an erection of steel once he sees who he's going home with.
  • Theodore. The jumbo bear at 24" tall. Love Is Lame suggests passing him down through the generations because as we all know, when fine bitches breed, fine bitches succeed.
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