Woo Warmer - Under-Rug Electric Floor Heat Mat

Posted: February 25, 2020
Woo Warmer - Under-Rug Electric Floor Heating Mat
$134.85 - $249.85
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Dudes, are you ready to warm your woo? Or should I say, warm your boo's woo? The Woo Warmer is an electric floor heat mat that slides under any area rug or carpet to transfer up to 115 degrees of toastiness to the toes and tushies on top.

Available in 3 sizes, the Woo Warmer slides (mostly) unseen under your preferred floor covering, and then plugs into a standard wall outlet to distribute radiant heat over the mat's surface, and then upward toward the people (and pets - it's safe for them too) above. In addition to heated floors being generally sexy and awesome, benefits of the Woo Warmer over space heaters and other retrofit installations include: more even heat distribution; noise-free operation; no tag team of hot air and dust blown around the room; and no CO2 fumes. Woo Warmer also says it operates at a fraction of the cost of conventional installed systems or air driven space heaters.

Who needs a Woo, woo! housewarming gift, or gift for a girlfriend?

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