White Castle Slider Scented Candle

Posted: December 26, 2013
White Castle Slider Scented Candle
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I don't think there is a fast food item on the planet more polarizing than the White Castle slider. You either love them and eat 2 dozen on a dare the night before your wedding and then spend the entire reception puking even though you're stone cold sober, or you profoundly hate them, and gag every time you even hear the words "White Castle", never mind when some a-hole brings a grease-stained white sack of them into the room and that onion-and-fried-fat scent hits your olfactory canal and you have to swallow the vomit you just threw up in your mouth. Which still tastes better than eating one of the burgers.

So hopefully there are enough lovers of the square slider palace--or enough people who get a charge out of disgusting those who despise it--to justify the creation and support the sales of the White Castle slider scented candle.

Ah, upon further review, I see that there are plenty. Apparently, the candle was created in honor of May's National Hamburger Month a few years ago, and it sold out in 2 days. It reappeared as a special edition fort the National Hamburger Months thereafter, I guess until someone figured out that it would be more profitable to sell people White Castle slider scented candles as often as they sell them White Castle sliders: 24/7, baby.

The iconic angular burger presents in candle form as a ceramic holder replicating the slider's cardboard sleeve. It smells like...yep...exactly like the White Castle scent memory you're conjuring in your mind right now.

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