Where I've Been Scratch-Off Map

Posted: January 20, 2012
Where I've Been Scratch-Off Map
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What a fun way to track your world travels, or clever gift for your favorite ostentatious globetrotter with a mild gambling compulsion! One side of the 16.5" x 12" map is covered in a metallic patina that scratches off like a dried-out scab as you vacation in Bora Bora, rock climb in Patagonia, or attend a quality control conference in Poland. Every 1 in 1,275,000 maps also awards a pot of gold to the lucky Paddy who scratches off Ireland. Even better, every 1 in 5,000,000 maps reveals an untapped oil reservoir to visitors who scratch off Saudi Arabia, though doing so is risky, as the maps of 1 in 5 travelers to any country in the mideast will blow up as soon as their quarters penetrate the coating. The map comes in a travel tube, and the back of it is white with black outlining, so you can fill in your flight paths, and have something to doodle on at the Athens airport while you wait for the pilots to finish their strike.

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