Water Preserver Concentrate

Posted: December 29, 2015
Water Preserver Concentrate
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Now that you've designated a bathtub to store your waterBOB it's probably a good idea to make sure the giant reservoir's emergency contents are actually safe to drink in the event of an emergency. This little bottle holds the key to keeping your survival supply of water fresh in storage for up to 5 years. Water Preserver Concentrate is a proprietary formula of stabilized, pH-balanced sodium hypochlorite whose residual action kills bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus that might otherwise form in stockpiled vats of drinking water.

Each bottle of Water Preserver Concentrate protects 55 gallons of either tap or bottled water. It is registered and licensed by both Federal and State EPA to safely kill and prevent the re-growth of Coliform bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms (e.g., typhoid, dysentery) for is 5-year guaranteed effective life. The solution also eliminates the yeast, mold, fungi, and algae that would also make water undrinkable.

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