Waffle & Syrup Sheets

Posted: October 04, 2012
Waffle & Syrup Sheets
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With optional fruit pillows! While I would typically prefer a pancake on my plate at breakfast, I gotta give it to the waffle when it comes to what's on my mattress at bedtime. We dug Brook Abboud's Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag last year, and now present her set of Waffle & Syrup sheets as an equally profound exploration of comfort food imparting literal, tactile comfort. Also, they look kinda cool. Particularly when covered in polyester-fiberfill-stuffed hunks of kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, and banana.

Waffle & Syrup Sheet sets include any size fitted cotton sheet, hand-dyed to waffle hue and cubism standards, a syrup-colored top sheet, and butter pat pillow cases. Fruit pillows are each sold separately in Abboud's Etsy shop, and range from $25 to $40 apiece.

My grandma used to make me the best waffles. Not too crisp like the kind that lacerate the roof of your mouth, proportionately porous for maximal syrup absorption, depressions sized to retain perfect pools of pure maple syrup. Then one morning I went into the kitchen and she announced she was F'in done with cooking and all I got for the next 5 years was Eggos.

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