ViperSwiper Side Window Wiper

Posted: November 09, 2016
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Your car comes ready to sssswipe the rain and fog off your front windshield, game to sssswipe it off the back, but what about the vissssibility and blind sssspots at your ssssides? ViperSwipers are poly-rubber strip side window wipers that adhere to your vehicle's window frames and partner with your existing power up / down controls to squeegee clean and clear the dripping and clouded-up, but wiperless windows around you.

ViperSwipers each measure 40" long, and require only a pair of scissors for installation. Cut them to fit your vehicle's bottom window frame length, peel off the protective backing strip, and attach the wiper flanking the edges of the frame. When the window moves down and up, the outer wipers blade will scrape off normal weather residue.

ViperSwipers sell in packs of 2, and typically fit all 4 windows of most vehicles. The company says they will not damage your vehicle or its paint during installation or removal, and each blade will swipe like a viper for 6 months to a year.

November 15, 2016 Update: We've received messages from readers and ViperSwiper Kickstarter backers noting that they never received the ViperSwipers they pledged for, and there is controversy surrounding the product's purchase. While we cannot confirm or deny this information, we would suggest those considering purchasing a ViperSwiper check out the product's Kickstarter Comments page first. Thanks to Dude reader Rand A. for the heads up.

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