UVee Adult Toy Cleaner

Posted: March 24, 2018
UVee Adult Toy Cleaner
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If you're someone who thinks adult toys are dirrrrrrty, the UVee is here to help you clean them right off. In fact, the UV-C sanitizing machine's tagline could be, "Get clean after you get off!" Or, "Get off in seconds, clean off in minutes!"

UVee's sex toy sanitizer runs a 10-minute cycle to kill 99.9% of bacteria that might have taken up shop on your vibrators, beads, and butt plugs after you tossed them aside the night before. You can customize the unit interior with dividers to accommodate various sizes of toys (though you'll probably need an alternative cleaning plan for the Wanachi Mega Massager) and the back of the UVee has USB charging ports and an additional outlet so you can keep motorized toys charged while they're de-funking.

The UVee adult toy cleaner also has a childproof lock system to pair with its kinda sorta inconspicuous appearance, so you won't walk out of the bathroom to find Junior headed out to a backyard battle with your lightsaber dildo.

The UVee adult toy cleaner measures 16-1/2" long x 9-1/2" wide x 6" high.

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