The Mini Jumbotron

Posted: September 05, 2022
The Mini Jumbotron
$2,195 - $3,195
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The Mini Jumbotron! It's an oxymoron for your mancave! An oxymoron that's so cool it's fire too, with the design's quad of TVs able to pump out 4 different channels for sports fans during the NCAA Tournament or on NFL Sunday, or all the same channel for the Super Bowl or Fight Night.

The Mini Jumbotron currently has 2 models, the MicroTron and the MacroTron. The former holds 24" TVs, the latter 32", and which you choose depends more on your ceiling height than your opinion of whether or not bigger is better. MicroTrons look best on ceilings 7'6" to 8'6", and MacroTrons on those with heights above 8'6".

Mini Jumbotron packages do not include the TVs, but do come with the company's patented mount and framing system, plus all the hardware you'll need to install it. Or, more likely, hire someone who won't destroy the Mini Jumbotron and your ceiling in the process to install it. Mini Jumbotron also doesn't handle the team logo graphics you see on the examples above, but the unit has Velcro-attached translucent plexiglass ready for your customization (with free graphic design assistance from Signs.com.)

Additional Mini Jumbotron features include:

  • A base with 4 recessed LED lights.
  • Your choice of either 2700K warm white + RGB recessed lights or adjustable white 2700K - 5000 recessed LED lighting.
  • Internal dimmable LEDs to illuminate custom graphics.
  • An 8 outlet power strip surge protector.

The Mini Jumbotron MicroTron measures 30" x 30" x 23", and weighs around 90 pounds when installed with TVs. The MacroTron is 39" x 39" x 26", and weighs in at 115 pounds.

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