The Kashtray

Posted: August 04, 2016
The Kashtray
  • The Kashtray
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The makers of this pipe smoker's ashtray say it was "inspired by necessity and enhanced through design." The inspiring mother they speak of is a pipe, used, cleaned, and ready for a refill. The invention she bore: the Kashtray. A thick, tall-rimmed sombrero of a dish with a center stake for cleaning out your pipe, or killing off your vampire Minifig, without banging, breaking, or making a mess.

The Kashtray and its sparkly spike are suitable for digging the gunk out of wooden, glass, metal, acrylic, ceramic, and bone pipes. You can use it with most vaporizers too. The tray is made of glazed ceramic, and the nail is steel coated in the blood, sweat, and tears of Tony Micelli.

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