The Dechoker

Posted: October 24, 2015
The Dechoker
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Dude, the Dechoker might not be something you want (with 5 exclamation marks and a praying hands emoji!) per se, but it could be something you'll need one day, particularly if you've got children, or friends who behave like them. If you're not a skilled Heimlich practitioner, if attempts at performing the Heimlich have been unsuccessful, or if you're choking while alone, an Airway Clearing Device like the Dechoker isn't a bad tool to have in your first aid kid.

The Dechoker consists of a mouth tube and respirator mask on one end, and an air pump-looking vacuum tube on the other. Application entails laying the choking person face-up on the ground, inserting the tube into and mask over his/her mouth, and pulling up on the tube's plunger. The force of the vacuum typically dislodges the instigator, at which point you can roll the person on his or her side to spit it out (or, if s/he is unconscious, to press open the mouth and remove it yourself.)

The Dechoker is intended for use as a Heimlich maneuver backup. Its creators say it is easy to use and, more importantly, easy for a choking victim to use on him or herself if choking occurs while alone. The FDA has registered the Dechoker as a Class 1 medical device, approved for use on people ages 3 and up. For full application instructions and cautions check out the diagram in the image gallery, or click here.

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