The Baby Hanger

Posted: May 01, 2013
The Baby Hanger
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The Baby Hanger. A design so utilitarian, yet so uproariously hilarious, that I almost want to acquire an infant just so that I can hook it on a bathroom stall. Check out the gaping mouth and dangling legs on that kid. He knows something isn't right, but his tangelo-sized brain can't quite process what that something is and, furthermore, look at the shiny bubbles and water on Mommy's hands. Henceforth, whenever I'm having a bad day, I'm calling up this image of the Babykeeper.

In addition to mounting children to public restroom stalls, the Babykeeper also handily stores them in fitting rooms, locker rooms, over doorways, and along chain link fences. It serves as a harness for securing Junior in a shopping cart to prevent climbing about and a potential fall as well. Suitable for kiddos 6 to 18 months old.

Am I the only one who thinks whomever created the Babykeeper child hanger should be awarded some sort of prize from the Nobel people? I mean, seriously, if I could store my baby like I store my coat, the thought of being a parent might not make me want to carry my cell phone extra close to my junk on the off chance its radiation will make me sterile. And I thought the Baby Muzzle was the invention of the century.

Muchas danke to Incredible Things.

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