Tenga Flex Spiraling Male Masturbator

Posted: April 27, 2022
Tenga Flex Spiraling Male Masturbator
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Wanna see the Tenga...Flex? Yeah you do, and not because this male masturbator has hard, rippling muscles that will make you feel like an inadequate piece of shit. On the contrary , it's because the Tenga Flex has soft, ripp- no, make that spiraling muscles that will make you feel like the sexiest dude alive.

Or at least the most sexed dude alive, if you use the often enough to jack off.

A Red Dot Award recipient for Product Design (no joke!) the Tenga Flex calls itself a "a revolutionary reusable suction stroker." It consists of a soft and malleable outer casing molded into a spiral formation that perfectly represents what you're supposed to do with it: squeeze; plunge; and twist. The masturbator's shape and motion create a strong vacuum sensation on the inside - i.e., the side where your penis will reside during this experience - that is further enhanced by a series of varied and textured depressions that will stimulate your head and shaft.

Pre-Tenga Flex spiraling, you'll lubricate the masturbator's insertion point, and the inside of the removable elastomer sleeve that will keep things twisting and sucking smoothly, and also make post-Tenga Flex spiraling cleanup easier.

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