Sweet Treat Spinning Ice Cream Cone Sex Toy

Posted: April 13, 2021
Sweet Treat Spinning Ice Cream Cone Sex Toy
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My wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, loooooves ice cream cones. Especially swirly soft-serve ice cream cones. And especially ice cream cones that look like Satisfyer's Sweet Treat, because this ice cream cone isn't so much an ice cream cone as it is an O-ce cream cone. A spinning sex toy for the ladies.

I was going to call the Sweet Treat a "Spinning Ice Cream Cone Vibrator" in my title for it, but then I read the product description and discovered it is not a vibrator. It is a clitoral stimulator. Which, yeah, sounds like snooty marketing jargon, but is in fact more accurate because the Sweet Treat doesn't vibrate at all. It just spins its 16 light and silky silicone flaps up against, um, the flaps of its recipient to tickle and titillate erogenous zones ready for a lick of pleasure.

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