Sunsa Wand - Retrofit Automatic Device for Blinds

Posted: August 07, 2022
Sunsa Wand - Retrofit Automatic Device for Blinds
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This retrofit wand will automate and motorize your existing blinds, so you can keep the blinds you love...or hate, but still already have installed. Makes a lot of Sunsa, 'eh?

Sunsa Wands replace the sticks on your horizontal, vertical, or mini blinds, and install in about 2 minutes with no special tools. Once in place, you can use the Sunsa app to open and close blinds from anywhere, or set a schedule for them to open / close automatically in the morning and evening. The Sunsa Wand can also pair with Alexa and Google voice assistants.

Not a bad little gadget if you are loath to open and close your blinds by hand, or if you just forget after you've already left the house or, worse, gotten into bed. The downside, though? Sheesh is the Sunsa Wand expensive. Each set of blinds with its own blind stick will require its own Sunsa Wand as a replacement if you want to automate and motorize them. That's fine if you've got the cash and are in the "Love my existing blinds!" camp, but if not? Entire sets of motorized blinds and shades are available in the same price range, so if you're looking for a whole-house window treatment upgrade, those might be better options for you.

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