St. Joseph Home Sale Kit

Posted: September 14, 2019
St. Joseph Home Sale Kit
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I'm not Catholic, and mean no disrespect, but what the Coldwell Banker is a St. Joseph Home Sale Kit? Is this for real? Do people who bury a wee little statue of St. Joseph in their yard really sell their house faster, or for more than asking, or in a bum market, at all?

Also, do I need to convert to take part in this practice?

To explain for those as confused as I was, the St. Joseph Home Sale method is an "age-old tradition" of not just praying to St. Joseph for a speed and prosperous home sale, but also of using his statue as an outward symbol of your faith in his aid. Some people bury the statue on the property they wish to sell, though this St. Joseph kit says that's not as necessary as saying the included prayer.

It's an official prayer. It's called Prayer to Sell a House. That's crazy! I'm Brian Fellow!

The final key component to the successful application of the St. Joseph Home Sale Practice is to proudly display your St. Joseph statue once your home does sell, and in your new home, as a showing of your gratitude. And also so that friends and family who come over will ask, "What's this thing?" and you can tell them, "It's St. Joseph. He's way better than a real estate agent at helping you sell your home," and then they'll go buy a St. Joseph Home Sale Kit too.

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