Splitz Bedding - Split Blanket & Sheet Sets for Couples

Posted: February 05, 2021
Splitz Bedding - Split Blanket & Sheet Sets for Couples
$139 - $245
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Cover hog! Sheet stealer! Person who is shivering cold when I am sweating through the bedding! Splitz Bedding is a solution for couples who can't get their sheet - or blanket - together in bed.

Available for Queen or King size beds, Splitz Bedding features 2000 thread count sheets and fuzzy fleece blankets that are joined as a single piece at the bottom for tidy tucking, but separate into two sides up the length of your mattress, so each person has full control over his or her level of snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug-ness.

Bonus: if one of you wants to take an afternoon nap, there's no need to mess up both sides of the bed.

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Not surprisingly, Splitz Bedding was designed by a husband and wife, Merideth and John Jaskowski of Nashville, as an answer to their own cover battles. Splitz Flat Sheets come in white or grey, and Splitz Blankets in grey. Items are sold individually, or as sets that include fitted sheets and pillowcases.

Lovers, load up on some Splitz Bedding, and let the battles...end.

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