Spaced-X Serpent Water Pipes

Posted: December 30, 2019
Spaced-X Serpent Water Pipes
$299.89 - $799.89
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The serpent is at it again. This time, though, its temptation is a pair of snaking, maze-like water pipes, since it knows you'll need more than an apple to succumb to Original THCin (that said, in a pinch, you can bore a hole through an apple and make a pipe out of that too.)

The Serpent-01 and Serpent-01H Water Pipes from Space-X bring as much visual interest to the smoking experience as they do "the smoothest hit on earth*." (*But probably can't compete with the heavens, which I hear have both pipes and weeds that are truly divine.) Both versions have a percolator design engineered with CFD-tested thermodynamic principles to cool incoming smoke and make sure the taste of your bud or wax is as pure and authentic entering your lungs as it is growing in the Garden.

According to Spaced-X, their manufacturing process also creates percolators impossible to replicate in a traditional blown glass pipe. The Serpent-01 has 5 percolators and 2 columns creating a labyrinth almost 10' long for smoke to travel through before beginning its next journey to your lungs. The Serpent-01H is a 3-percolator, single-column pipe with about 5' of winding, coiling pathways.

Both Serpents, surprisingly, like the cold. You can put the pipes in the fridge on days you want to feel even more chill with your hits.

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