Snore Activated Nudging Pillow

Posted: March 02, 2014
Snore Activated Nudging Pillow
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This pillow saves the person sleeping next to you the trouble of "inadvertently" delivering an elbow to the ribs when you're snoring louder than a wounded bull. How? First it detects these disturbances of the peace with an integrated microphone calibrated to pick up the sonic vibrations of snoring. Then in response, it gives a "nudge" to the culprit by automatically inflating its internal air bladder, which raises the pillow by 3". This seemingly slight depth increase is supposedly enough to persuade log sawers to move their heads or adjust body positioning, and in turn STFU, without waking them.

The nudging pillow has a 30-minute delay that will restrain its inflation trigger long enough for users to fall asleep. The microphone's sensitivity is also adjustable according to snore strength, from ladylike heavy breathing to fat man with allergies passed out drunk. And if you just want to chill on the couch with your new $150 pillow, you can turn the nudger's microphone off entirely, plus manually inflate its bladder to between 4" and 7".

The pillow's contoured design is also intended to assist with natural snoring abatement. It has a 100% polyurethane fill and must be plugged in for use. A 68" long adapter is included.

WARNING: The nudging pillows weighs 4-3/4 pounds. Not recommended for pillow fights, ladies. However, since I do encourage pillow fights, I can suggest the Acid Trip Pillow as an alternative.

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