Scentee Machina AI Aroma Diffuser

Posted: January 22, 2018
Scentee Machina AI Aroma Diffuser
$107 - $495
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Scentee Machina has figured out a brand new way to overengineer reed diffusers and incense burners. Step aside, Plug-ins. This aromatherapy kit is about to see your two-pronged heat and raise it advanced tech, apps, and AI. Not to mention a sexy design that looks like a row of nixie tubes.

Through its accompanying smartphone / tablet app, Scentee Machina gives users control over up to 4 different scents, which ones waft through the living room, and when. You can program the diffuser's perfume jars to spritz at certain times or, since the base of the Scentee Machina has WiFi connectivity, activate one of them remotely. Say, when you're on your way home at 1:00 a.m. with an "unexpected guest" and want to make sure your house smells more like cherry blossom than carne asada and refried beans.

Or, if you don't want so much responsibility and decision making wrapped up in your room diffuser, you can let Scentee Machina's AI learn about your habits and preferences, and select the perfect scent for you. This, according to Scentee, Inc., "is the beginning of the smell revolution."

Scentee Machina, seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter through February 9, 2018, will be available in two models, Scentee Quattro and Scentee Uno. Quattro will be the device you see above, a row of four bottles filled with aromatic liquid ready for misting. Each bottle will hold 50mL of your choice of any combination of 14 initial fragrance offerings. When they empty out, you'll detach and replace the whole canister.

Scentee Uno is just a single version of the Quattro. Same app and WiFi capabilities, but you'll be able to install and use just one fragrance at a time.

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