Salin Plus Salt Therapy Air Filter & Purifier

Posted: May 03, 2018
Salin Plus Salt Therapy Air Filter & Purifier

Put down your weed, wax, and oil vape, and start inhaling a big ol' lungful of 100% natural salt. The Salin Plus is an air filter and purifier than claims it will treat your body to the ultimate salt therapy. So what the iodized kosher is salt therapy?

If you've got a respiratory condition, allergies, sinus issues, or otherwise aren't breathing and sleeping so good these days, the Salin Plus was designed as a natural alternative to meds (and more constant / less freaky-deaky alternative to the Neti Pot) that may bring you some relief.

The Salin Plus machine consists of a motor, vents, and a replaceable salt filter cartridge. When you turn it on it releases tiny salt ions and creates a microclimate its makers say replicates that of modern salt rooms. Yeah, I don't know what modern salt rooms are either, but I guess the effect of both them and the Salin Plus is these released salt ions are able to penetrate your lungs as you sleep, cleaning and humidifying their passageways, and reducing inflammation. Breathing should get easier, and sleep more restful, particularly for people with asthma, bronchitis or a cold, allergies, and snoring problems.

A single Salin Plus device is suitable for a single average to large size room. Its salt output is low-dose at less than 0.1 gram per day, so its use is safe for pregnant women, babies, and the elderly. Salt air filter cartridges should be replaced every 4 to 6 months.

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