Ruggie Floor Mat Alarm Clock

Posted: February 11, 2017
Ruggie Floor Mat Alarm Clock
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They say Ruggie is "LOUD." In all caps. It's the equivalent of "a blender going off in your bedroom." Also, the floor mat alarm clock must sense the pressure of your feet for at least 3 seconds before it stops its LOUD blender equivalence. And if 3 seconds isn't enough vertical time to keep you from falling back to horizontal, you can set Ruggie to force you to stand there and shake the sleep off for up to 30 seconds to subside its 90- to 120-decibel output.

All of those hideous, horrible-sounding features (figuratively and literally!) are Ruggie's selling points.

Who wants one?

What if Ruggie throws in some customizable daily affirmations and motivational quotes to kickstart your morning? You can upload custom MP3s with nice, soothing words for the mat to feed your ears after you stand its alarm off. The Ruggie itself is also nice and soothing, made of soft fleece with a memory foam center.

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