Rolet Triple Barrel Pipe

Posted: September 06, 2013
Rolet Triple Barrel Pipe

Rolet (roll-ay, like Nube and ole!) is the triple barrel shotgun for pacifists. Really. It loads. It fires. It smokes. And I'd argue that using it will make you feel way better for way longer than shooting something. Though, Compulsory Disclaimer Alert: the rolet pipe was designed and is intended for tobacco use only; its performance cannot be guaranteed when combined with other substances.

Rolet promotes "portability, sharing, and convenience." Three barrels for thrice the fun, or thrice the number of people partaking in the glorious inhalation experience. Hmmm. Multiple people sucking on my pipe? Well, as long as I know them and where they've been, I guess. Like me, Cornelius, and Victor partaking of the same rolet would be OK, but not me and one dude who claims his sneezing is just allergies and another who swears that pulsating red protrusion along his lip line is just an ingrown hair. Because I cannot have direct exposure to the germs of strangers. Unless I am very broke and notice someone who looks clean and decent take only two sips of their full pint of beer before peacing out of the bar.

The rolet triple barrel pipe takes smokers from load to sit-back-and-unload in 3 steps: 1) Add loose-leaf to its chambers; 2) Slide the sleeve over the main device to a secure fit; and 3) Light the exposed chamber and inhale. Or don't. I'm not here to dictate how you run your life. Just to try and facilitate your enjoyment of it.

Pledge for your rolet on Indiegogo through October 4, 2013.

August 2014 Update: rolet funding was unsuccessful, and at present it does not appear that its creators have proceeded with producing it for the public.

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