Rhino Cart All-Terrain Moving Dolly

Posted: June 04, 2022
Rhino Cart All-Terrain Moving Dolly
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The Rhino Cart All-Terrain Mover's favorite season is summer, just like mine. Because summer is the season of beaches and BBQs. Weddings and vacation. Warm, sunny days and long, pleasant evenings. And - and this is where the Rhino Cart dolly and I diverge on our reasons for loving summer - moving.

Sure, it can be exciting to get the keys to a new house or apartment, to move to a better place or a more exciting city. But the getting there? More specifically, the getting your shit there? Not cool. I don't care how much easier Rhino Cart says its All-Terrain Mover makes the process for your appliances and large items of furniture.

Still, if you gotta go, you gotta go. Or maybe you're just hauling a load of construction or landscaping materials, or a new fridge into your current home. The Rhino Cart is a burly, yet relatively compact and easily maneuvered tool that endeavors to make any awkward moving less laborious. Its commercial-grade poly resin and steel construction, along with 8 heavy-duty urethane wheels, are strong enough to carry up to 1,500 pounds over any type of surface, including rough and uneven terrain, gravel, packed dirt, and thresholds.

Rhino Cart All-Terrain Mover dimensions are 30" long x 18" wide x 5.5" tall, and one of its outer rails is slideable, to expand the cart's carry width from 6" to 46". For even larger items, the sliding side can slide off entirely.

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