Quakehold! Museum Putty

Posted: June 20, 2022
Quakehold! Museum Putty
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Quakehold!, according to my wife, is Museum Putty! we must use for our cat Zanzibarrrr! who keeps threatening to knock over the raku pottery vase her parents gave her for her birthday last week. Removable, reusable, non-toxic, and supposedly non-damaging to the furniture and collectibles it seeks to bind, Quakehold! Museum Putty secures items at risk of falling over and breaking. Due to earthquakes, bumps, and the bodies of cats who believe they should have free rein to walk over every surface of the house, and nuzzle or bat at any items resting on top of them.

The listing here is for a 2-pack of 2.64-ounce sheets of Quakehold! Museum Putty.

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