Prescription Bottle TimerCap

Posted: September 18, 2017
Prescription Bottle TimerCap

TimerCaps call themselves "one simple change, that changes everything." And indeed the replacement caps for prescription bottles are clever, and a potential fairy godmother, on a couple of levels.

For the elderly, or those with elderly minds like myself, TimerCaps provide a clear indication of whether you've taken your meds yet or not. A built-in stopwatch on the top of the cap tracks the time between your dosages by resetting every time it's removed, and then starting up again when you resecure it. If you can't remember whether you've swallowed the red pill yet this morning, check out your TimerCap - a stopwatch with just 30 minutes elapsed would indicate you have, while one with 23 hours 52 minutes on the count would assure you you haven't.

Tracking time since an Rx bottle was last opened can also serve as an informant. Have the kids, or their friends, or your friends been swiping your Xanax and Vicodin and hair growth supplements? Check out your TimerCaps after they leave and the watchdogs will let you know how long it's been since someone accessed the goods inside.

TimerCaps don't use alarms or locks, and don't require you to press buttons to start, stop, and reset them, the latter of which invariably leads to pushing the wrong button and activating some split time or dual timer function like my stupid gym stopwatch. All you need to do is swap out your existing plastic caps for TimerCaps, and let the counting begin.

Walgreens, RiteAid, CVS, and mail-order style TimerCaps caps typically sell in a base package of 4 per order.

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