Porsche Design Shisha 2.1

Posted: February 07, 2018
Porsche Design Shisha 2.1

Take a luxury toke with Porsche Design's Shisha 2.1. Kind of ironic that a company known for creating some of the fastest cars on the planet would also make a hookah, and foray into the world of that which makes everything s l o o o w w w d o w w w n. Maybe a few well-endowed and loyal Porsche clients are partakers, and requested a water pipe with curves as beautiful as their 911s.

If so, here's hoping Porsche Design didn't also model the Shisha 2.1's "ride" after some of its more harsh and bone-jarring sports cars.

The bowl of the Shisha 2.1 is made of solid, hand-blown glass, which gives way to a brushed aluminum pipe, valve, and wind shield. The hose is made of leather optic. Total hookah height is 28.7"; bowl diameter is 7.9".

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