Personalized Fart-Thwarting Candles

Posted: October 27, 2019
Personalized Fart-Thwarting Candles
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A personalized fart-thwarting candle. I know one household who needs this burning good scent blanket for the vile and death-dealing ones. Mine.

Many of you know I refer to my wife as She-Ra: Princess of Power. It's because, in my eyes, she is no less than a strong and independent, power-wielding and justice-dealing superhero. Who is also super hot. But who also has super strong and independent, power-wielding and justice-dealing, Super. Hot. Farts.

And, I mean hey, she likes candles. Never mind that this one might say, "Light When She-Ra: Princess of Power Farts," it's still going to emit lovely and calming wafts of Toasted Pumpkin from its 16.5 ounces of soy wax when lit, and so therefore will make a great gift for my wife.

You might consider a Baum Designs handmade and personalized fart-thwarting candle for a gift for your gassy wife, or gift for any woman in your life too. And of course, the illuminated smell shields - available in 8 different scents - are also suitable for men and pets.

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