Peelaways Disposable Fitted Bed Sheets

Posted: August 04, 2019
Peelaways Disposable Fitted Bed Sheets
$12.99 - $39.95
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I don't necessarily think Peelaways created their disposable fitted bed sheets for promiscuous and routinely intoxicated boys and girls - ahem, college students - but with back to school time coming up, that's definitely the demographic I thought of when I saw them. Now last night's dirty deeds, from boinking to barfing, get whoosh!-ed away and dumped out with all the Red Solo and Bud Light empties in the morning.

In addition to horny partiers, Peelaways also recommends their disposable sheets for hospital beds, potty training and bed wetting issues, guest rooms, and lazy people who just don't want to have to change the bed and wash their sheets. Each Peelaway is suitable for 7 to 10 days of use (or until bodily fluids soil it) and doubles as a waterproof plastic bed protector, so you want have to hunt down a Peelaway mattress too.

Peelaways bed sheets come in Twin XL through King sizes, typically with 5 disposable sheets per set.

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