PediPocket Foot Pocket Blanket

Posted: February 17, 2021
PediPocket Foot Pocket Blanket
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I received a PediPocket Blanket, and can confirm it is indeed a plush, extra-long fleece blanket with a foot pocket at the bottom. And that foot pocket indeed keeps your toes tucked in and safe from any nefarious attempts to expel them into the cold night air when you shift. None of this surprised me.

What did surprise me is that I originally intended to give the PediPocket Blanket as a gift to my wife, who: 1) is always cold; and 2) has feet that, all winter, and even most of the summer, feel like they exist inside their own invisible cryogenics chamber. This is mostly not my problem, except - except! - when we are on the couch together and she touches me with them. Whoosh! It takes my breath away. Makes me feel like I'm in a Wim Hof workshop. Anyway, like I said, I intended to give her the PediPocket Blanket I got so she can stay warm, and keep her damn feet to herself.

But what PediPocket doesn't mention when they discuss the patented design of their 20" conical foot pocket is that if you flip it upside down, the foot pocket becomes a head pocket! An extra-wide, extra-long one, with an entire cape flowing out the bottom! I tried out the PediPocket foot pocket as a hood, and was instantly transformed into an anonymous druid with a mission to wander the house and stay warm. A winter king ready to take a nap with velvety fleece over his eyes to block the light. A dark and mysterious lord you can't help but fear, and snuggle.

So I don't know what my wife is going to do about her feet, but I myself give the PediPocket Blanket 2 thumbs - and 2 big toes, and 1 head up.

PediPocket foot pocket blankets come in sizes for adults and kids, plus an XXL version with faux sherpa lining on the inside to accommodate more than one set of feet, and make the blanket even warmer for outdoor use.

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