PARAX Wall-Mounted Bicycle Holders

Posted: June 24, 2021
PARAX Bicycle Wall Holders
$86 - $186
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Not only do these wall-mounted bicycle holders from PARAX take up virtually no space in your home (though the same can't be said for your bike itself) they look almost artful doing it. PARAX's S-RACK and L-RACK model of bike holder further ingratiate themselves as essential summer gear for the minimalist with their dual functionality: in addition to racking your bike, they serve as butler trays for your keys, wallet, bicycle helmet, and tools. The L-RACK even folds up nearly flush with the wall when not in use, while its magnetic surface still manages to grasp small incidentals and help keep you organized.

PARAX wall-mounted bicycle holders are manufactured in Germany, and most models are customizable according to the size and shape of your bike.

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