Pack This! Notepad

Posted: October 21, 2017
Pack This! Notepad
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Pack This! Forgetful Jones. Just don't forget where you put Knock Knock's handy traveler's prep list once you fill it in.

The Pack This! notepad seeks to eliminate (or at least cut down on) the chaos that can come with getting ready for a trip. Sure, you could make your own list and check things off as you load them up in your Beast Duffel, but what if you forget to add something to the list in the first place? Chargers, razor, dirty clothes bag, swim trunks, passport, Galactic Republic passport, electric converters, deodorant...d'oh! I always forget the deodorant.

The 60-sheet pad covers every item from underwear and dress shirts to a lint roller and mouthwash, to earplugs and anxiety medication.

No joke, "anxiety mediation" is on the Pack This! list. Good news for my Aunt Jan. And anyone who might be traveling with her.

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