NYC Taxi Drivers Beefcake Calendar

Posted: December 11, 2013
NYC Taxi Drivers Beefcake Calendar
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See, ladies, why waste time exacting revenge upon your ex-boyfriend when you could be spending it pursuing one of these hot transportation professionals as your new boyfriend? The 2014 NYC Taxi Drivers Beefcake Calendar is out and, if I do say so myself as a purely heterosexual (and strapping male), it is mag-nificent.

Philip Kirkman and Shannon McLaughlin have created this monthly pictorial of vigor and virility to benefit University Settlement, the nation's oldest outreach program for immigrant and working individuals and families, based in New York City's Lower East Side. Each year the settlement serves over 30,000 people with basic services like quality education, housing, literacy programs, and calendars of the city's sultriest taxi drivers. Yasar is so sexy he made the cover and won a month on the inside.

In an effort to promote tolerance, the 2014 cabbie calendar also includes unicorn representation.

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