NodPod Weighted Sleep Therapy Mask

Posted: February 02, 2018
NodPod Weighted Sleep Therapy Mask

The NodPod, a weighted sleep therapy mask, touts benefits similar to the Magic Weighted Blanket, but over the smaller, confined areas of your head and neck. (And with a blackout effect that won't also suffocate you like the blanket's would.) According to NodPod, "When gentle pressure is applied to the body it has a profound calming effect." They call it Deep Pressure Touch therapy.

The NodPod mask is weighted with scent-free microbeads that apply gentle pressure to the eyes, forehead, or neck in an effort to reduce stress and anxiety and, when you need some shuteye, promote a deeper and more restful sleep. Some also find relief from headaches and eye strain through NodPod use.

The wraparound pillow measures 28" long, and adjusts to fit, securing to the head or neck with a pull-through slit instead of rough snaps or straps. One side of the mask is covered in cooling jersey cotton, and the other warming microfiber fleece. You can use the NodPod in any sleeping position, as well as seated upright.

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