Mud Scrubber Rubber Brush Mat

Posted: January 19, 2023
Ninamar Mud Scrubber Rubber Brush Mat
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Will the Mud Scrubber Rubber Brush Mat finally get my mama off my back about my feet? My feet that are only wet and muddy and covered with ice melt because I was out shoveling her sidewalk?

Probably not, since mamas always gonna mama, but it's worth a try. Plus, I'm tired of her Don't Stop. Be Leaving. Doormat, which I admittedly gave her myself 2 years ago, but only before I knew it would make her sing a different Journey song to me every time I come over, plus not serve its true purpose of keeping my Aunt Jan away. I don't even think Aunt Jan has ever noticed it. Hard to see a doormat on the ground when you walk with your nose permanently turned up.

Anyway, the Mud Scrubber Rubber Brush Mat is a real workhouse of a guest greeter. It is made of heavy duty rubber virtually indestructible through heat, cold, rain, and snow, and features 3 raised strips of coir sole and edge bristles to scrape out gunk from shoe crevices.

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